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Products and Schwag from EMS World Expo 2011 #EMSWorldExpo


Last week is still a blur to me. I arrived Monday night and left Friday afternoon and felt rushed for time from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. My schedule was packed with meetings, social events, and presentations. The one thing I didn’t schedule and now regret not scheduling was time to tour the exhibit hall. Although I wore a path from the front door to the CentreLearn booth and the ProMed Network Podcasting Studio I only managed to see about 50% of the exhibit hall. On my quick lap through a portion of the hall I was able to make several important face to face connections including, Alexis at Magnum Boots USA and Ruth from Rip Shears.

I also was grateful to receive product samples from:

The acquisition I was most proud to receive was this CREW t-shirt from the First Responders Network.