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Presentation: Integrating Smartphones into EMS Education #EMSWorldExpo


Updated November 22, 2012: Handout for this session posted at EMSWorld.com.

This morning I am presenting Integrating Smartphones into EMS Education at EMS World Expo in New Orleans. During the presentation I will be asking a series of poll questions with PollEverywhere.com. You can view and answer the polls as they happen at PollEV.com/gfriese.

I am also asking this poll question using twtpoll.com. You are welcome to answer this poll question as well.

You can also join the Remind101.com group created for this presentation by texting @EMSW to 832-726-1702. You will receive a series of text messages of presentation key points during the presentation time and a few more on November 1. (I will not send any messages after 11/1 or have access to your phone number)

My slides are posted at Slide Share or can be viewed above.

Links from Presentation:

Excerpt from Alone Together and link to the book Alone Together (amazon affiliate link)

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