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Posts Outside the Service: Top EMS Blog Posts for February 2014

There are lots of great EMS Bloggers. I use the Feedly RSS Reader app in the Chrome Browser and my Android phone. How do you keep track of your favorite EMS Blogs?

At the EMS Patient Perspective Bob Sullivan reminds us to park our complacency and constantly be mindful that any call can be or become a life threatening emergency. Please read, share, and comment on She Passed the Hand-Drop Test.

Staying fueled and hydrated on the job is a challenge for all EMS providers. Eating healthy is a double challenge. The Paleo Paramedic writes about nutrition and wellness for EMS providers. Please read, share, and comment on Sirens, Snacks, and Shift Work.

Dr. Brooks Walsh discusses a study that reviews heart attack deaths of firefighters under the age of 45. I have often said EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters reflect the communities they serve. This research paints a troubling picture that some in fire and EMS are even unhealthier than the communities we serve. If you don’t move enough move more. If you eat too much eat less. Get more sleep. Obesity and related comorbidities is serious. We need you to respond safely and return safely from every incident.

Matt Zavadsky joins MedicCast host Jamie Davis to discuss the Field EMS Bill at EMS Today in this video segment, Field EMS Bill Initiative from NAEMT Supports You in the Field. You can also read about my trip to the Hill to advocate for the Field EMS Bill.

MedicSBK shares his thoughts on EMS Today 2014. Like Scott, I had no idea there are more than 400 community paramedic programs.

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