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Posts Outside the Service Area: Books, Apps, and Blogs for November 2012


Paramedic and Mortician Matthew Sias published a memoir and collection of experiences, [amazon-product text=”Silent Sirens: Memoirs of a Life Saving Mortician (Amazon affiliate link)” type=”text”]B009LNGYDO[/amazon-product]


At the start of the month and Limmer Creative launched two new apps: 101 Last Minute Study Tips. There are two versions – EMT and Paramedic – and both are available for the iPhone and Android.

I met Blanton Marchese at EMS World Expo. He has developed an app called Guru Medic (press release and iTunes) for tracking patient care experiences and clinical expertise during your career. Blanton is looking for app reviews. Contact him ( if you are interested in more information.

Blog Posts and Articles

In the weeks to come many of us will think about goals for 2013. This is an excellent article about Goal Creep, the importance of small goals, and celebrating successes.

Dr. Ross revisits Spinal Clearance with more confessions, encouragement to review the research, skepticism about education, and a challenge to participate in research about immobilization. Bob Sullivan shares his experience and perspective in a two part series about Safe Spinal Clearance Equals Better Care For Spinal Injuries Part 1 and Part 2.

The Happy Medic uses plain English to explain calculation of unit hour utilization. It would be interesting if any of the CAD systems showed to the providers in the ambulance their real-time UHU and trailing UHU for the last 10 shifts. Maybe FirstWatch already does this???

Who pays for the ambulance ride and care??? I never knew and did my best to deflect the question with a friendly quip. Steve Whitehead provides some great guidance on how to discuss the realities of healthcare costs with the patient.

The next month is probably the most challenging month of the year to eat healthy and avoid unnecessary weight gain. Check out these Top Tips for Eating Healthy from has launched a new feature – the EMS Roundtable. In this issue Art Hsieh, Bryan Fass, and Art Hsieh discuss patient handling.

Also on is a great column from Steve Whitehead about adapting LCES for highway incidents.

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