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Medical First Responder Pain Management Protocol

A reader writes, “Pain management is not part of our medical first responder protocol. What can I do for patients in pain?”

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Medical first responders can (and should) do a lot. I call it the “mom stuff”¬†

  • Help the patient ¬†find a position of comfort
  • Apply a splint or other type of stabilization for extremity musculoskeletal injuries
  • Use distracting conversation, like “Do you have any allergies?”
  • Use soothing conversation, like “I am sure that hurts. What can I do to help you feel better?”
  • Explain what will happen next, like “The paramedics will be hear shortly and they can manage your pain with medications.”
  • Give the patient an ice pack
  • Remove visual stimulus by covering wounds or injuries with dressing, bandages, etc.

The mom stuff works for kids and adults. Give it a try and let me know how it works.


By Greg

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