Marathon Running: 3 Lists of 3 Part 3


I can’t recall why I first decided to run a marathon, but I think it was a joint decision with my regular running partner. We had both run half marathons and decided we wanted the challenge of a full marathon.

My First Three Marathons:

1. Fox Cities Marathon

2. Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon – just 1 week after the Fox Cities Marathon (this was my only marathon that was not a PR)

3. Whistlestop Marathon

My Next Three Marathons:

1. Twin Cities Marathon

2. Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon (2nd time)

3. Green Bay Marathon

Three Marathons I want to Run:

1. Walt Disney World – on my calendar for January 2013

2. Chicago Marathon – maybe fall 2012

3. Boston – at my age I am still 11 long minutes from a qualifying time. Not sure this will happen.