Mail Bag: New Deliveries to Everyday EMS Tips Headquarters


The guys in the brown truck are running lots of calls to Everyday EMS Tips Headquarters. I am stockpiling books, clothing, and other gear for an after Christmas giveaway. More details to come.

Books: Rescuing Providence and Flesh Mechanic
New deliveries.#ems books
I just received two new books from EMS authors. Rescuing Providence is from Lt. Michael Morse. Flesh Mechanic is from Russ Reina.

I am scheduling Medical Author Chat podcast interviews with both authors in 2011. Have you read either book?

Reflective Apparel

New gear: vest, jacket, shirt from Reflective Apparel Factory #EMS
I received an impressive collection of high visibility ANSI compatible outerwear from the Reflective Apparel Factory. A couple of jackets, several different types of vests, and a mesh, neon green reflective vest.