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Introduction: Everyday EMS Athlete

Regaining Clarity in the Wake of EMS

The Everyday EMS Athlete is a new column that will appear regularly at Today’s first profile is Patrick Rugh, an EMT from Washington state. As EMS professionals we experience unique physical and mental challenges. Implementing methods of investing the same amount of effort into ourselves as we do for our patients and communities is paramount for our individual well-being.

There are EMS providers around the country who take the responsibility of being physically and mentally fit to a level above an average physical training session. It is my goal to recognize and commend these providers for their extraordinary efforts in integrating athletics into their EMS worlds.

Introducing Columnist Catie Holstein

I am a Clinical Manager and paramedic in Washington State. As a cyclist and runner, training for my first half marathon, I know the importance of balancing EMS work and fitness. I have also completed a variety of long distance cycling events.  I welcome your suggestions of Everyday EMS athletes to profile for future editions of this column. Email me at

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