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Everyday EMS Athlete Profile: Joe Phelps


EMS professionals are challenged to balance work, family, and other obligations while also staying or striving for mental and physical fitness. The Everyday EMS Athlete is a regular column to recognize and learn from other EMS professionals that are setting and meeting fitness goals. This edition was contributed by EMT Joe Phelps.

Q: What is your EMS job?

I work P/T as an EMT-basic with 2 ambulance companies.

Q: What are your athletic pursuits and goals?

To lose 10 pounds and play alot of raquetball.

Joe at the CMT Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Survived 5 open heart surgeries & still able to do EMS work…very blessed.

Q: Can you share a few tips to help other EMS professionals to set and accomplish fitness goals?

Don’t sit around all day waiting for the pager/scanner to go off, buy a tredmill and do some walking.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?

I’m a member of emslife, ems1. and on Facebook.

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