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EMS Workplace Survey


NYC Paramedic Brian Levinsky, CCEMT-P writes:

“I am pursuing a BS in Health Administration degree at St. Joseph’s College New York. As part of a research seminar course I am conducting a survey of EMS providers’ relationships with work. This survey is open to all EMS providers who work and/or volunteer in the United States of America. The survey close date is June 25, 2010.”

Please join me and take a few minutes and answer the survey questions.

I commend Brian for pursuing a four year college degree while working as a paramedic. I am looking forward to the results of his research project and hopeful he will share them in a guest post for Everyday EMS Tips.

Higher Education for EMS professionals was the topic of EMSEduCast – the podcast by and for EMS educators – episode 63.

Are you thinking of a four year degree to advance your EMS career? What support, encouragement, and resources can I offer?