Distracted Driving: Three Things Tuesday

My kids went back to school this morning. What a thrill it is too see them off on a new year of adventure, learning, and friendships. This morning the Portage County Sheriff was at the crosswalk on a busy county highway two blocks from school. A “your speed is…” sign was flashing. A deputy was issuing a citation to a speeding motorist. This morning was the safest 15 minutes of the school year for an extremely dangerous intersection. The crossing guard of 25 years retired at the end of last year because she felt her life was in too much danger. She is right.

Today, and everyday, when you get behind the wheel:

1. Put your phone away. Out of reach and out of sight. Your brain is not capable of multitasking. Neither is mine. You can either drive. Or you can text or drive. You can’t do both. If you pick texting, pull over and get off the road.

2. Slow down. Drive at or below the posted speed limit. Adjust your speed for weather, daylight, and other conditions that impact driving.

3. Watch for children. And walkers, bikers, dogs, and other motorists.

The drivers in this video all killed or seriously injured a stranger while texting and driving. Is the text you or reading or sending more important that a child crossing the road, another motorist driving to work, or a woman retrieving her mail?

Next Tuesday at EMS World Expo I am presenting “Distraction is Deadly.” I hope you can attend. If you can’t my slides will post early Tuesday morning. 

By Greg

Elearning designer, writer, podcaster, blogger, presenter and paramedic. To relax I run and bike as far and as fast as I can. Also like to read a lot and fast.