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Deer Preservation in Central Wisconsin

Opening weekend of gun deer season…the best weekend of the year…is drawing to a close. This year I continued a recent tradition of deer preservation with a dual strategy of 1) not seeing deer and 2) missing the shots I took. Both could be corrected with more time spent scouting and on the range, but I have made other choices with my free time in recent months.

The view on opening morning.

And the view Sunday morning.

And as one keen commentator noted there is something missing from these photos. Do you know what is missing?

Deer Stand Reading

Each year I bring a book to read in the deer stand. Last year I read Paramedico. This year I read the first 100 pages of The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials the second book in the Golden Compass triology. My son just started the Golden Compass so I am trying to stay a book ahead of him.

By Greg

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