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Cancer, F#&* You!


Pardon my language.

In the last two weeks my world has been rocked by news of friends and family suffering from the impacts of cancer.

  • A friend and colleague’s wife died after a heroic and prolonged battle with cancer.
  • Another colleague received a new diagnosis and is awaiting more testing.
  • An aunt was just diagnosed and is scheduled for testing.
  • An uncle is undergoing tests to see if his cancer is worsening.
  • A professional colleague is preparing for another round of treatment because his cancer has returned.

All of you are in my thoughts and I am standing by you to support, encourage, and battle against this awful disease.

Meanwhile, I thought these words of encouragement from my mom, for both the patient and the supporters, were wise and helpful.

1. Stand Tall. Shoulders back, head up, and tits out!

2. No News is No News.

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