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Boston EMS in the Minutes Before Chaos

2013-04-15 14.47.02

A Boston EMS ambulance on standby in the finisher area at the corner of Berkeley and St. James. 

2:12 pm I crossed the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon. I walked several blocks to receive my finisher’s medal, food and fluids, and my bag of belongings. Then I began the walk south to the family meeting area on the corner of Berkeley and Stuart

2:47 pm I took the above photo of the Boston EMS ambulance. I remember thinking, “I bet they are bored out their minds watching thousands of tired and sweaty runners walk by.” If you have ever done an event standby you know the feeling of sitting, sitting, sitting ….

2:50 pm Two explosions about 3 blocks away from this intersection.

It is only because of the video footage that we have all seen that we can know the chaos this crew entered.

Boston EMS, race medical staff and volunteers, runners, and spectators, thanks for your courageous actions to save lives and limbs. 

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