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Book Review: Official Guide to Blogging for EMS

The [amazon-product text=”The Official Guide to Blogging for EMS (amazon link)” type=”text”]B009GPHSJG[/amazon-product]┬áby Dave Konig lays out the practical steps to beginning as a blogger in emergency medical services (or any healthcare topic) and answers many common questions asked by new bloggers.

In the Kindle ebook Dave explains blogging platforms, the importance of blogger identity, types of posts and media content, and wisely guides readers through the importance of protecting patient confidentiality. Dave lays out a practical approach to writing content that doesn’t betray patient identity and trust. Dave also helpfully links to lots of EMS and healthcare blogs so the reader can immediately see examples of the techniques and content Dave is describing.

As an experienced blogger I found several ideas that will help me continue to grow my blog readership and influence. New or aspiring bloggers will not only find ideas, but a blueprint to launch and grow their blog.


Disclaimer Note: Several years ago when I wanted to launch a training program for public information officers about social media I sought out and introduced myself to Dave. Our collaboration led to I was honored to receive a gift copy of the Official Guide to Blogging for EMS from Dave when it first published. Thanks!

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