Back to School Vehicle Safety


School is now in session. Kids are walking, cycling, and riding to school in privately owned vehicles and school buses. All drivers need to refresh back-to-school vehicle safety tips. I wrote nine tips in this Everyday EMS Tips column at Use the comments area to submit a 10th tip for me to add to the list.

Summary of the Everyday EMS Tips column:
1. When responding emergently, avoid routes that pass directly by a school.
2. Avoid any situation that requires backing up.
3. Stop far enough away from a school bus loading or unloading kids.
4. Wait with younger children at the school bus stop.
5. Turn on hazard flashers while waiting for a school bus to load or unload.
6. Remind children about the importance of seatbelt use and wearing a properly fitting helmet for biking and skating.
7. Make sure your children understand basic traffic safety laws.
8. Don’t talk or text on your phone while driving.
9. Be a role model and demonstrate important traffic safety behaviors.