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App Review: SMART-ICE

This is a guest app review by critical care paramedic JD Graziano. If you want to guest post or review on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

I recently got my hands on an app that crosses over. There are tools for the job, and then there are game changers. I can say the smart-ICE App is a game changer. This app is for the EMS professional and a non-EMS professional. In a smartphone world, EMS professionals continue to help people and risk their lives everyday; finally someone has blown the whistle of technology, a wake up call for the providers and non-providers alike. When a loved one, a family member, someone close to you has a medical emergency and you find EMS in your home, suddenly we may lose that sense of confidence and swagger that we all have as rescuers. Sometimes we find ourselves in our own emergency, this app bridges the gaps with the same assurance that are patients receive from us in a time of emergency.

ICE can return the feeling. This app adapts to each person and their family members. The tool allows for important information needed in an emergency situation. What separates this tool is the adaptability, ease of use, and designed by the best in the business.

This app has the ability to sound an alarm so you can be found in your home when EMS arrives, it has a voice recording ability that anyone around can use to operate the app as well as get your medical information. In other words you don’t need to know the person from your ugly uncle Larry, and this app will give you all details. Plus no worries for the lock out modes, there is an icon on the screen that will allow for the access from the locked screen. If you find yourself needing help, and you are not sure where you are, the app has a tool that will give an exact location to the user to give to the dispatcher. As the app gives you information needed in an emergency, like most other apps it has the ability to help with you day-to-day medical information and interaction with the primary provider.

Find the SMART-ICE app in the iTunes store.

JD Graziano is a CCEMT-P currently working for Iowa County Ambulance Service, a rural service in Iowa County, IA. He has been in EMS for 8 years and also has a background in backcountry rescue, avalanche, and snow safety. Contact him on Twitter @ajdgrazinao or email


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