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App Review: EMS Tracker to Follow the Call

This is a guest app review by critical care paramedic JD Graziano. If you want to guest post or review on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

I have seen multiple apps, all trying to accomplish one thing, individualism. EMS Tracker, initially to me, was just another app for keeping time and tracking procedures. I was less than impressed at first.

Then as I used it more I realized that EMS Tracker is a great tool. Its user interface is simple and reliant. The app is a great way to track call times on the fly with the push of the button. The EMS professional can design each page within the app for his or her specific needs. You can have your times page, skills page, medications administered page and organize each page based on service practices and patient care protocols.

Once the call is over you are able to email all the data from your smartphone to yourself. This is a nice little back-up feature in my opinion. This allows for refreshing your memory while working on the report.

EMS tracker seems to be a great tool for managing multiple people working on one pt (i.e. code). It made it easier to track: medications given, skills performed, and vital signs being taken on scene. The app took away the need to guess times and remember all that was done for the pt during the call.

For improvements or changes, if the app had the ability to sync with report software and send all the data directly into the report it would save time for the users. With this capability, it would allow for the quicker report writing/on-the go report writing for busier services. With the application’s ability to enter notes, make it nice to add little reminders about specific situations that did not fit into the designed template of the program.

The EMS Tracker iPhone app can be found in the  iTunes store for FREE…Pick it up, try it out. See for yourself. Since it is free, you have no excuse not to try it. Play with the options, customize the tool, design and make it your own. If the tool is adaptable to the situation, then you have accomplished free form, and there is nothing sweeter in EMS.

By First Arriving

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