5 Random Things from the Weekend


March…in like a lion? Or out like a lamb? Does bitter cold count as a lamb?

1. Our U8 hockey team played in its first full ice tournament. Let’s just say we learned a lot of life lessons on our way to losing 13-0, 10-0, and 2-1. The final game included an exhilarating penalty shot that would have tied the game. It was close but the other team’s goalie was a brick wall.

2. Twice, while coaching our 8 year old players this weekend, I said, “There is no try. Do or do not.” Both times met with blanks stares.

3. For the second time in the past month my daughter started watching a movie on an iPad of a friend. Both times they were watching a pirated copy of Frozen. Good grief. On a related note Frozen is available for pre-order from Amazon..

4. I have a very old version of QuickBooks (that I purchased). While searching for an alternative I found Wave Apps. Looks perfect for my small business of one doing small stuff on the side.  Ever hear of it?

5. I ran the Point Bock run Saturday morning. Needing some marathon training miles I ran 3 miles to the race start line, ran 5 miles, and ran 3 miles home. A friend reported he was running 15 miles back to Amherst after the race. #OneUpper.

2014-03-01 19.18.21