Trauma: Premiere Party Recap

by on September 29, 2009

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I admit it. I watched Trauma last night, but I mostly tweeted, chatted, and commented with Chris Montera and Jamie Davis on a special episode of the MedicCast Live. I was so busy keeping up with the chat room traffic that I need to watch the episode again so I am prepared for next week. Yes, I am going to watch another episode of Trauma. I am going to give it a chance because I like the concept of a paramedic based drama and San Francisco is an amazing location for a TV show.

Aimee Garcia, Trauma Cast MemberA significant contributor to my optimism for the show’s potential was that cast member Aimee Garcia participated in the chat room during the show – reading messages from EMS professionals around the world – and listening to our commentary. While I had made several invitations to the show for a cast member interview we did not know Aimee was going to participate. After the show Aimee took questions from us about her preparation for the show, interest in getting the portrayal of paramedics correct, and the difficulty of balancing competing needs to produce a television show that will sell.

You can listen to complete post-show special episode of the MedicCast and EMS Garage at Aimee’s participates in the show from 10:30 to 22:30 in the audio feed time line.

Just as interesting was the contributions of San Francisco Fire Department EMS Operations Chief Sebastion Wong. He discussed his early involvement with the show, film locations in San Francisco for the show, and intentional EMS product placements in the premiere episode. I appreciated his insights and enthusiasm for the potential of the show. I just might take him up on his invitation for a visit.

Finally, I want to thank our three sponsors from the live show. We really appreciated the support of SMART-ICE, X-Collar, and High Plains Information Systems. This event was an interesting opportunity to bring together EMS professionals with social media to participate in a live event.

Watch Trauma episode 1 and use the comments area to share what you thought of the premiere. If you participated online with us what did you think of that experience?


  • Dave Konig

    I thought the show, as far as cinematics, was very well done. There were quite a few inaccurate occurrences, but at the same time it is true that this is entertainment about, not a documentary nor designed for, paramedics. So I’ll give it to episode 6 to find its groove.

    As for the live chat, I felt that was a huge win. It brought together a great many voices in one place with a common interest. It also was a huge win for NBC, because they have obviously found a group of people passionate about the subject matter of the show… even though it may not be in the most favorable light. Thus is the power of social media.

    In another discussion about this show, it was highly criticized for its stereotypes. The fact is that no matter how we may not like it there is some truth in stereotypes and how people perceive us. The task then becomes not to berate a show for using the stereotypes prominent in the public perception. The task then becomes for us to change that perception.

    Of course now there will be the discussions about how we do that. There will be those that declare higher education as the key, others that demand more money for better people, and some who will see training as essential to helping change culture. Divided on the solution… again. Each of those things aren’t the end all cure, but rather a tool to help us do it. Another tool that can help us do that is Social Media, and as last night’s live chat proved… there are plenty of people passionate about accomplishing that goal.

    I’m getting off my soapbox now.

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