The Non-Conformist's Guide to EMS Success: Medical Author Chat with Steve Whitehead

by on March 4, 2010

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Firefighter/paramedic, blogger, and educator Steve Whitehead discusses his new (and free) ebook – The Non-Conformist’s Guide to EMS Success on this episode of the Medical Author Chat.

Steve and I discuss his start in blogging, what the ebook is about, how blogging has impacted his patient care, and Steve’s goals for the book. We also talk about what we like in an EMS blog. The EMT Spot seeks to inspire, encourage, and educate readers. Steve shares that blogging has changed him and makes him feel like he needs to perform at an even higher standard.

During our conversation Steve explains his idea and inspiration to write an e-book. Then he discusses the task of converting the idea into an ebook that is more than 60,000 words. Note: we recorded this conversation just a few days after the late January release.

One of the concepts of the book is having a “B-HAG.” I got Steve to share his B-HAG and I can tell you he is well on his way to having the impact that he aspires to have.

Visit and register for your own copy of The Non-Conformist’s Guide to EMS. It is well worth it.


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