Social Media Usage for Paramedic Education

by on July 29, 2011

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The Center for PARAMEDICS education program is impressively using social media tools to distribute education.

Center for MEDICS YouTube Channel

Center for MEDICS Flikr Stream

EMS education programs can use social media tools like YouTube and Flickr to:

1. Post and share videos of proper assessment and treatment procedures for study and review

2. Promote the quality of the program’s students and instructors

3. Recruit students to the program

How else can EMS Education programs use Social Media sharing tools like YouTube and Flickr?

  • Rommie Duckworth

    In our EMT program we’ve set up a YouTube channel and, as homework,  have the students record themselves running through their National Registry Practical Exam Sheets. 

    Then, once per week, we do a debriefing in class using all of the videos. I’ve never had a class “get” their NR Practical Exam sheets so quickly before. I’m a huge believer in the debriefing process as an adjunct to learning, but YouTube as Social Media also contributes to class as it makes the sessions:1) Fun (one student did his CPR station using his Teddy Bear)2) Social (students can and do share their videos with friends and family)3) Persistant (the videos remain online for the students to review as reference, both their own and their classmates)

    • Greg Friese

      Great to hear about how your program is using student created video for learning and reviewing skills. What is the url for your class YouTube channel?

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