Reader Question: Chevy Duramax Loss of Engine Power

by on April 23, 2012

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Reader D.A. writes:

“Greg, have you heard of any problems services are having with the Chevy Duramax and the Loss of Engine Power.

We have one that is a constant problem and the mechanics can’t seem to find out the cause.

I had heard there was a fire department in the San Diego area having the same problem and was wondering if it is nationwide and if anyone knows what the cause is.  Thanks.”

Have you had this problem? Can you help D.A.? Leave your comments and tips in the post comments. Thanks!

  • Jtshimer

    I’m a feud level provider in New York City, and my experience here is when the Chevy sits for extended periods of time at idle the exhaust filter gets gummed up and truck needs to be either driver at speed if you get the warning on the dash or serviced if you don’t get the dash warning (or ignore it). That’s usually the only time I’ve noticed the “reduced engine power” warning on the dash.

  • Greg,  If they are talking about Reduced Engine Power on the Chevy Duramax Diesals our Mechanic is the man on this topic.  We have been using the Chevy Duramax since 2008 and have been through all the hoops.  Depending on the Year of the vehicle, will depend on the solution.  Our 2009’s don’t have the issue.  When our vehicle goes into reduced power mode we shut it off, wait for 2-3 minutes and restart the vehicle.  Many times this temporarly solves the issue.  In the grand sceme of things its and EGR issue, and a Exhuast Filter.  Anther reason we are updating our fleet to Chevy Gas V-8’s Type 1 truck chasis. 

    • Thanks Brandon. I don’t much about the specific issue but I am sure the reader will appreciate your answer.

  • Willie

    I am having the power loss problem with 2 Chevy Duramax Diesel engnes. It happens when we pull a loaded trailer. One is a 2003 and the other a 2005. Been to the dealer in Montgomery Al. and also in Prattville Al. whit pitiful results. The 2005 just started about a month ago and the 03 started 2 yrs ago. The 03 runs fine without a trailer, but they both were bought to pull trailers in our business. I believe there should be some kind of lemon law to cover this. Any help would be appreciated.

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