Fire Truck Zamboni

by on February 20, 2017

in Operations

The Appleton ice arena Zamboni is skinned to look like a fire truck (or engine) and sponsored by Pierce Manufacturing. These are photos I took after my son’s team won two games against Appleton.

2017-02-19 14.50.01

2017-02-19 14.50.24

My web search for an “Ambulance Zamboni” or a “Zamboni Ambulance” only returned this result. A Zamboni with a Patriot Ambulance skin.

Patriot Ambulance Zamboni 004 Photo from Lund Collision

My search for “Police Car Zamboni” and “Police Zamboni” came up empty.

Let me know if there are other “Zambulances” I need to add to my collection.


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