Everyday EMS Athlete Profile: Joshua Dixon


EMS professionals are challenged to balance work, family, and other obligations while also staying or striving for mental and physical fitness. The Everyday EMS Athlete is a regular column to recognize and learn from other EMS professionals that are setting and meeting fitness goals. This edition was contributed by Joshua Dixon, Paramedic/Firefighter.

Q: What is your EMS job?

Second generation paramedic firefighter for Augusta County Fire and Rescue in Augusta County Virginia.


Q: What are your athletic pursuits and goals?

To play football in the NPSFL (National Public Safety Football League) and try to exercise at least 3 times a week off duty and do at least some exercise when I’m at the firehouse.
Q: Do you have a race or accomplishments you are particularly proud of?

After going into SVT a few times I stopped focusing so much on muscle strengthening and started doing more cardio activities.

Q: What are your tips for other EMS professionals to balance work and fitness?

It’s easy to fall into a trap of being lazy but the first step is the hardest. Remember if something happens to you, it’s not just you that needs help, you’ve now put your partner in a difficult situation

Q: Is there anything additional you would like to share?

The football team I play for raises money towards cancer charities. The players pay a yearly due to pay for uniforms and traveling dues as well as a facility to play at.

Here is the link to the team’s page: http://www.roanokebravestfootball.com/


The money raised in ticket sales as well as apparel is donated to two separate cancer charities based off the deaths of a police officer and firefighter in relation to cancer.

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