A Simple Case of Suicide – a Medical Author Chat with Laura Kendall

by on April 16, 2010

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Paramedic and author, Laura J. Kendall, discusses her two books, A Simple Case of Suicide and Double Winkers Club on this episode of the Medical Author Chat. Laura is an active paramedic in New Jersey. Her EMS career began as a volunteer in 1981. She has since worked in rural and inner city areas and been an EMS educator.

We discuss her journey to become a novelist. She started A Simple Case of Suicide in 1996, but didn’t finish it until 2006. When asked why she chose a paramedic for the heroine she tells me there “aren’t any books out there that feature paramedics as the heroine.”

Based on her field experiences and answering the notorious “what-if” Laura described her process of developing a murder mystery novel. She also discusses her writing process – which I was shocked when I learned her old school writing method.

We also discuss Laura’s second novel, the Double Winkers Club, a paranormal romance novel. Her second book was published in 2009. This novel also features paramedics and police officers.

Writing both books has given Laura more pride in being a paramedic. She believes we are really good people and that we do a great job that deserves recognition.

We finish the conversation with Laura’s advice for aspiring writers. Her most important advice was to “go with your heart and believe in yourself. Write the full story and then use an editor to make it polished.”

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