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Opioid Crisis is a National Emergency

The President's declaration of a National Public Health Emergency is a partial step towards addressing the opioid crisis. A National Emergency declaration is a...

Climate change is impacting emergency responders

On Tuesday morning when the death toll from the Sonoma and Napa counties was just 11 people (it's now 35 dead) and only 1,400...

Everyone is an Expert

I have long kept a list of areas where nearly everyone believes they are an expert despite extensive evidence to the contrary. My list …. ...

Get Outside

A few minutes outside - slowly walking, sitting - is relaxing and restorative.

Stop the Bleed – Everyone Needs to Know How

Control of bleeding is a layperson skill and in an incident with hundreds of victims, every able-bodied person needs to be able to apply direct...

Breast Cancer Dump Truck #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

When everything is pink, nothing is pink. We saw three of these dump trucks - likely headed to some massive mining operation - being hauled...

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