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SCOTTeVEST Featherweight Vest

I only have one phone, but I regularly see people with two phones - a work phone and a personal phone. Some people even...

Dear Future President: A Few Questions from EMS

Dear Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Nominations are finished and you are painting your differences, mostly in broad brushstrokes, on policy and regulatory issues to voters. Health...

Facebook: Power for EMS Good or a Nefarious Tool for Evil?

In preparation for the Pinnacle EMS 2016 conference I wrote this article: How to use Facebook to announce an EMS LODD A LODD is unpredictable, but...

Amazon Prime Day Recap

Last week I wrote about my plans to shop the great (or sort of great) Amazon Prime Day deals. My best deals were the purchase from...

When protests and mass gatherings turn violent

After the Thursday shooting deaths of five Dallas police officers I had the chance to talk to Chris Cebollero about his experience as the...

My Amazon Prime Day Shopping List

With guarded optimism and a predisposition for disappointment here are the items I will be looking for impossibly, amazing pricing on Amazon Prime Day...

There is nothing more important than personal safety and partner safety

Safety. You come first. Your partner comes a very close second. Our concern for personal and partner safety, though, needs to extend from scene safety to...

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