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7 Things We Didn’t Do in Walt Disney World

Part of visiting Walt Disney World is accepting there is more to be done than can humanly be done in a day or a...

Google Search has a Metronome

Have you used the Google Search metronome during a cardiac arrest? Would you use it? Use Google search metronome during high-quality CPR

Vacation Reading: American Sniper

My library is participating in the "Big Library Read" and featuring American Sniper. I joined and just started reading on the Kindle App.

3 Things to Never Bring on an Airplane

I have Spring Break on my mind. Do us all a favor and never bring these three things on a plane. 1. Graham crackers Is there...

Best AHA Courses Yet – Isn’t it ironic

The 2010 AHA guidelines, as I recall, were released in late 2010. Meaning I would have first recertified to the updated guidelines in 2012....

Sunday morning reader – coffee, ketamine, and EMS news

Working on a cup of Trauma Mama from the Java Medic and catching up with my favorite EMS blogs and news sites. Here are...

Research analysis: How effective are pediatric ventilation techniques

Researchers used capnography to assess the effectiveness of pediatric ventilation techniques. Read more about the research and my key takeaways for paramedics. Research analysis: Capnography to assess...

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