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EMS conference presenters and the long wind-up

EMS conference presenters spend too much time winding up and building to their key points. The long wind-up is usually background or foundation information...

EMS World Expo 2015 by the Numbers

This was my 2nd (maybe 3rd) time attending EMS World Expo in Las Vegas. I was glad to be back after missing EMS World...

Code Green Campaign #SavingPublicSafety

Please check-out the great work being done by The Code Green Campaign. (and two recent articles on the topic of suicide in EMS from the...

EMS World Expo 2015

The largest EMS conference in North America officially opens this morning. I arrived Tuesday to begin the EMS1 special coverage of the event. If...

Capnography and 12-Lead Interpretation

Two of the all-time viewed posts on Everyday EMS Tips. Practice Reading 12-Leads Capnography Resources

EMT/FF killed in broad daylight and Sept. 11 posts

Violent actions against emergency responders are common, but what does it mean when the violence is random and public. In an EMS1 article I try...

Narcotics theft: Are on-the-job injuries and on-the-job drug diversion connected

I don't know, but it is a connection worth exploring. Posted on EMS1: Rapid Response: Medics stealing narcotics happens with distressing regularity  

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