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2013 Running and Cycling Year in Review

I logged 246 activities in my Garmin Connect account during 2013. 1828.41 miles 208:45:56 (h:m:s) 151,819 Calories Of the 246 activities, 155 were runs. 1,007.92 miles 145:19:56 h:m:s I ran in...

2013 Accomplishments

This and so much more.

Alternate Posting Location: Ask a Simple Question at

How do you fill the "in-between moments" in EMS? Try a simple question to your patient as you pass the time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thanks for your service to your community. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Posts Outside the Service Area: Paramedics in the Warm Zone

At I share thoughts about new guidelines that among other things recommend paramedics, escorted by law enforcement, triage and treat patients in the...

Alternate Posting Location: Recent Episodes of the EMSEduCast

The EMSEduCast is the podcast by and for EMS educators that I co-host with Rob Theriault and Bill Toon. Recent episodes that may be...

Announcement: Two Webinars for the Fire and EMS Training Officer or...

I am moderating two webinars on Thursday (12/12/13). Train Better with LearnEMS LearnEMS is the new online training system powered by CentreLearn. It is an easy...

Videos: Learn CPR from the University of Washington

During the holiday season you will likely have lots of opportunities to be with friends and families that don't have CPR training. Encourage them...

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