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Posts Outside the Service Area: September 2013

Some of my top reads from September 2013: 4 Things to Know Before You Needle the Chest 7 Drugs that can Kill Kids in a Single...

Alternate Posting Location: Book Review of People Care, 2nd Edition

My review of People Care, 2nd Edition, by Thom Dick is posted at People Care is the book that Bob Sullivan calls "career changing."...

Convert Measurement Units with the Google Chrome Search Bar

Metric units are part of the language of medicine.

Insanity High Intensity Training: Three Things Tuesday

I just completed day 2 of week 2 of theB002QZ1RS6 (Amazon link) high intensity training program. This is a stark departure from my usual routines...

Alternate Posting Location: Traits of Excellent Volunteer EMS Organizations

Congratulations to Kiowa County EMS, NAEMT National Volunteer EMS Organization of the year! They received their recognition and award last week at EMS World Expo. I...

Alternate Posting Location: 2 Questions for EMS World Expo

Attending EMS World Expo? In an column I encourage asking these two questions.

EMS World Expo 2013: PPT Slides and Handout

Distraction is Deadly: Understanding and Mitigating its Impact Distraction is Deadly: EMS World Expo 2013 Slides by Greg Friese from Greg Friese PDF of...

New ECG Book and Resource Collection

Dr. Ken Grauer sent me an email earlier this week. His 1930553250 4th edition is now available on Amazon. Remember you can find this and many...

Reply to: This Isn’t Going to Work

On Tuesday I wrote 3 Things About Distracted Driving. I included the From One Second to Next documentary video about the destruction of texting...

Distracted Driving: Three Things Tuesday

My kids went back to school this morning. What a thrill it is too see them off on a new year of adventure, learning,...

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