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EMS and Guns: Posts A’Blazing

Last week I wrote two questions about EMS and concealed carry weapons. Many other EMS bloggers have been writing on this topic. But before I...

Video: I Still Love the Radio

"Everything I had to know I heard it on my radio" Queen, Live at Wembley Stadium 1986 full length concert video has been helping me...

Graph: 3 Phase Model of Ventricular Fibrillation

Trying to come up with a graphical representation of the 3 Phase Model of Ventricular Fibrillation. What are your suggestions to improve this graphic?  

Podcast: EMT Before Paramedic Discussed on EMSEduCast

On episode 145 of the EMSEduCast - the podcast by and for EMS educators - we discuss some of the pros and cons of...

Race Report: 2012 Community First Fox Cities Marathon

Quick summary ... so close, yet so far. Less quick summary ... best logistical and tactical marathon I have ever run. Was on pace to...

Running: 2 Responses I Detest #Marathon

Tomorrow I am running the Community First Fox Cities Marathon (track my time). I first ran this marathon in 2006 (it was my first...

Alternate Posting Location: Patient Assessment Scenarios for the Real World

New column - 4 Patient Assessment Scenarios that are Actually Useful. Does your high fidelity patient simulator have a case for old person, sad,...

Concealed Carry for EMS: 2 Questions

Concealed carry for paramedics and EMTs has been a hot topic in the EMS blogosphere recently. Other bloggers have already waxed poetically and philosophically on the...

Press Release: Fire Departments Ask Communities to Support Fire Prevention Education

While working to beat back a fire death rate well above the national average, fire departments across Wisconsin, Michigan and other states also are...

Video: I am a Paramedic

Lots of these photos gathered through the creators social media connections around the world. Well done.

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