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Everyday EMS Athlete Profile: Keeping Fit Through Hard Work

Shortly after the New Year I shared with Everyday EMS Tips newsletter subscribers that I was using the My Fitness Pal app to track...
Broken Heart? Shock Advised!

Shock Advised!

Happy Valentines Day!

Video: Save a Heart with CPR

Nice video from Rural/Metro-Pridemark of Colorado about hands only CPR. If you are interested in how EMS agencies can use social media to connect with...

Video: 5 Moulage Tips and a Great Vomit Recipe

Do you use moulage for mass casualty incident drills and patient assessment scenarios? This video from RescueDigest has 5 great moulage tips. The how-to...

Video: What it Takes to Become an EMT

This video is a nice overview of what it takes to become an EMT (at least in New York state). Does your EMS education...

Video: Hutchinson Community College Field Operations Program

Check out this promotion video of the Hutchinson Community College Field Operations Program for paramedic students. The field ops program was also the subject...

Video: Louisville Amputee Hoping to Return to Work as a Paramedic

Watch this video about Paramedic Joe Riffe and his efforts to return to work as a paramedic after an above the knee amputation. Visit...

Video: Medical Math Dosage Calculation from the Kahn Academy

In this video from the Kahn Academy the instructor demonstrates how to perform unit conversions to calculate a medication dosage. This is the process...

10 tips On Promoting EMS Week Activities

This is a guest post from founder Susan Tellem about promoting your organization's EMS Week activities. If you want to guest post or...

10 Assorted Thoughts, Ideas, and Resources Part 1

Within 2 minutes of waking up I drink at least 8 ounces of tap water to immediately fill my tank for the day ahead. Local...

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