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Gut Feelings

Read Rogue Medic's blog if you are interested in evidence or changing your gut feeling.

Posts Outside the Service Area: Collections for the Year Ahead

This month I tried to gather up posts on the theme of "collections" since the first post I wanted to share was Rogue Medic's...
ROSC to ACLS Instructor

ACLS Instructor

I have been chuckling at the EMS Humor Memes at Medic Madness and decided to try my own hand at a bit of EMS...

Alternate Positing Locations: Med Author Chat, CentreLearn Blog, and More

Medical Author Chat A new episode finally dropped on the Medical Author Chat. I talked to Clif Castelman about his book, the Comprehensive Guide to...
After Finishing a Run in the Cold

My Day in Doodles

All Doodles made with Kids Doodle, from the Amazon Appstore for Android

January Mailbag: Stuff for Training and Relaxing

Thanks to Dey Pharma I received the new EpiPen training materials. You can visit their website to view a training video on using the...

Video: SALT Airway Insertion

Watching this video of SALT Airway Insertion was an assignment in the first learning plan for my hybrid paramedic refresher. Of course as a...

Should Paramedics Have to Earn a BS Degree?

This article in the New York Daily News describes a legislative effort in New York State to earn a bachelor's degree within 10 years...

Video: 2 Stethoscope Tips

From the outstanding "Remember Two Things" series by Steve Whitehead on ParamedicTV is powered by

Reader Question: EMS Conference Calendar

A reader asked, "Do you maintain a calendar of EMS conferences?" That sounds like a huge project to build and maintain a calendar. To find...

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