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Race Recap: Green Bay Duathlon for myTEAM Triumph

Yesterday, along with Mike C., I helped my captain, Lisa, experience the thrill and challenge of an endurance event as part of the Wisconsin...

CE Mash-Up: Stroke Assessment and Treatment

A CE Mash-Up is a technique to design and deliver a continuing education program using materials available for use and consumption on the internet....

Video: TRECK Cuts through Turn Out Gear

Impressive display of the strength and sharpness of the TRECK from Talon Rescue This video of TRECK use shows some tips and use on actual...

Alternate Posting Location: FDA Drug Safety Communication for Zofran

Paramedic Steve Cole has written a comprehensive post on how the recent FDA Drug Safety Communication for Zofran may impact EMS. You can find...

Video Link: Absence Seizure in a Child

While working on a CE lesson about seizures I was struck by the reality that EMS professionals very rarely see the patient seizing. We...
TRECK - trauma shear alternative

Race Prep: New York City Marathon in 30 Days

I am just 30 days from running the New York City marathon, the largest marathon in the world. Like all marathons the course is...

Resources Needed: Medical Math

"Medical Math" is a top entry search phrase to Everyday EMS Tips. Many searchers of "Paramedic Medical Math" land on a post about the... Article: Benefits of Online EMS Education

One of my favorite alternate posting locations is EMS1. com. I appreciate their recent publication of "The Benefits of Online EMS Education." Is your department...

Responding to Feature Requests and Service Improvements

Even though my official family motto is "Can I make a Suggestion." (note that is with a period and not a question mark) I...

Video: CPR Flash Mob

I only thought Flash Mobs surprised flustered mall visitors with Christmas carols. Turns out Flash Mobs are also teaching equally bewildered fair goes and...

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