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Use Social Media to Monitor Swine Flu

News organizations are reporting the declaration of national public health emergency as case of the Swine Influenza A(H1N1) continue to be reported in the...

Google Flu Trends

Epidemiologists use surveillance use sampling data to understand the current and past prevalence of diseases. Hospital charting data, real time case reports, or over-the-counter...

Confirmed/Suspected Swine Flu Infection Control Guidelines

On April 20, 2009 the CDC published Interim Guidance on Infection Control and Antiviral Recommendations for Patients with Confirmed or Suspected Swine Influenza A...

Important Swine Influenza Information

Today the CDC has been issuing new information and resources about new cases of a swine influenza that was first identified in two children...

Measles: Signs and Symptoms

Virginia has reported a recent cases of the measles. The measles is a severe viral illness with these signs and symptoms during its first...

Cyanide Poisoning Signs and Training

Cyanide exists in many products and the incomplete combustion of certain items such as wood, paper, plastic, and synthetics makes it a very real,...

Severe Weather Week

Next week Wisconsin recognizes and prepares for the Spring and Summer severe weather season. The statewide tornado drill is scheduled for April 23.

Green Work Practices for EMS

Being "Green" is the hip thing to do, but it can also save your organization a lot of money. Is your organization doing these...

Level Zero Movie Trailer

Level Zero is a soon to be released paramedic documentary made by paramedic and filmmaker Thaddeus Setla. Check out the trailer and visit the...

Moving Patients

I like to use a kitchen chair as an intermediary resting place before moving non-injured patients from the floor back into a recliner, bed...

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